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A Day at Heart Beat - RAC Baneshwor Royal

A Day at Heart Beat
2074-10-27 / 2018-02-10  |  
Venue : Gahana Pokhari, Kathmandu
Objectives :

To provide foods, stationary items, and Tangrams to the children.


Heart Beat and Orphans.  

Project Detail

Members of RAC Baneshwor Royal visited Heart Beat, a non-governmental organization whose mission is to empower high-risk children experiencing homelessness by providing opportunities for education and enrichment, located at Gahana Pokhari, Kathmandu on 10thFebruary 2018.
Rtr Pujan Karmacharya, Rtr Swarnima Shrestha, Rtr Swazan Shakya, Rtr. Sudip Amatya, Rtr. Sandip Bista, Rtr. Sandesh Shrestha, Rtr. Smriti Khanal, Rtr. Bishal Gurung and a guest member Spandan visited the organization. Since students from Omega Int’l College were cooking foods for the children, we decided to provide stationary items to the children, which was handed over to Juju Kaji of the organization. Rotractors also volunteered in distributing cakes brought by the students to the children.

Rotractors also introduced themselves to the students and proposed to coordinate together. After that, rotaractors had a wonderful time with the children. The children sang songs, did beatboxing, and some raps as well. Their mellifluous sound emanated ecstatic feeling inside us which really made rotractors’ day. Rtr. Bishal Gurung also did beatboxing, which was loved by the children and other audience.
Rotaractors also coordinated with the students to set up the place and to distribute the foods to the children. They also had lunch together at Heart Beat. After relishing the food, again they started to play with the children. Rtr. Sandesh Shrestha had prepared two sets of tangrams, which were compromised of 7 pieces, for the children.
Rotaractors buckled up the children and gave them two pieces at first and asked to make a square. The children were able to complete their first challenge. Then, they were provided another piece and the children were again asked to make a square.
This time children were not able to complete it and Rtr. Sandesh Shrestha evinced possible ways to make a square. And then they were successfully able to make a square which brought smiles to their face. At last, they were given all pieces to make a
square, which they felt really impossible. After some time, Rtr. Sandesh Shrestha demonstrated the steps to make a full square and again handed over to the children to try. They were not able to make it again but rotaractors demonstrated again for them, which motivated them. The tangrams were left for them to keep on trying and challenge other friends as well.

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