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Venue : Saim College, Old Baneshwor
Objectives :

To make people aware about cyber crimes. 



Project Detail

Cyber Security Training organized by RAC Kantipur on 21st April 2018 at Saim College, Old Baneshwor. The fee to register for the training was Rs. 100. The training was provided by Pooja Gurung, a trainer from Cyber Security International.

Club Service Director Rtr. Sandesh Shrestha and General Member Rtr. Aryan Shrestha participated in the training. The training was initiated with a demonstration of how hackers entice general people to be the victim of cyber-crime every day. It was followed by a depiction of a fishing site which hackers use to target general people to collect different information of the victims. She also provided sites to check whether our Facebook account has been hacked or not (https://haveibeenpwned.com) and to check whether the site, you are using or going to use, is secured or not (sitecheck.sucuri.net). If your Facebook account has been hacked then red signal (Oh
no!) is seen and if not hacked then green signal (Good news) is seen. And if the site is not secured then a red signal is seen and if secured then a green signal is seen.
Likewise, the trainer recommended adding email addresses and multiple phone numbers for the recovery of our Facebook account. She also suggested to review every setting on Facebook and to adjust them to avoid the hackers. She also depicted how hackers can spy us merely using an app. After that, there was 10 minutes break for the participants to rejuvenate themselves.
After a break, she showed statistics of cybercrime in the whole world, which revealed that 14 people per second become the victim of cyber-crime. It was followed by a story and a video which evinced how people are using the internet to commit several
crimes. Then, the training concluded with participants sharing their views on the training and distribution of certificates.
To sum up, the training accentuated the participants about the safe use of networking sites, free Wi-Fi, cyber-crimes and was more than fruitful to those people who were oblivious about how hackers use the internet to commit cyber-crimes and about how to protect themselves from those crimes. Here are few things we should do to protect ourselves from being a victim of cyber-crimes:
ï‚· Check if the webpage is secure, which is indicated on the left side of the URL bar of the browser.
ï‚· Check if the website is authentic before logging in to your account.
ï‚· Check your mobiles and computers regularly for any suspicious applications and remove them immediately if you find any.
ï‚· Use strong passwords and change them regularly.
ï‚· Use free public WIFI to log in your accounts on any website.
ï‚· Enter your username or password if an e-mail or pop-up window asks you to.

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